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I love to read, sing, dance, listen to music, stalk celebrities (lol jks) not*, well people that interest me watch movies and television shows. I consider myself a connoisseur of handsome males and some females. I am a design student and hope to be the next rihanna, meryl streep or lagerfeld. Whichever happens first

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He was tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong;

                  endowed with the tremendous v i t a l i t y of Elvish bodies.

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He comes on with his big, innocent farm boy routine, but I could see through that in a Peloponnesian minute.

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Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.


Yeah, cause that’s not creepy

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S o l d i e r   o n,   s o l d i e r   o n….
Keep your heart close to the ground

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“You know me…”
“No, I don’t!”

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Will, Ashley & Geoffrey dancing to They Want EFX l How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Someone requested this, you probably missed this set because it was from a while back :)